Real Estate Investment

In the Greater Daytona Beach Area there is an abundance of opportunity in real estate investment. Thought about investing? Now is the time to do so as prices are steadily increasing! With the thousands of visitors we get every year due to vacations, events, bushiness and schooling, the demand is high! Rentals – both home and vacation, housing for students, property renovation, and commercial properties all tend to be strong investments in the Daytona area.

Vacation Rentals – Daytona Beach and the surrounding cities are perfect for investors interested in vacation rentals. They tend to pay off pretty quickly because of all the vacationers that come to play annually. For a home away from home, vacation rentals are perfect and can be very lucrative. It helps that only an hour drive will land you at Disney World or one of the numerous other Central Florida attractions!

College Students – Many students in the area live in dorms or their parents shell out $$$ for rentals. While monthly rentals are quite affordable in comparison to other college cities around the country, just think how much rent that will be for the next 4 years! It might just be better to look into purchasing an affordable condo, which in turn could be rented out or sold once they graduate.

Annual Rentals – Relocation happens a lot in our area because of colleges, hospitals, and yes even NASCAR just to name a few. If handled properly, purchasing an investment property and renting it our annually could be a sound investment. Quality homes rent quickly and can offer you more financial freedom with the monthly income they can produce. To prevent vacancies you just have to buy right and offer quality living at a reasonable rate!

Commercial Real Estate – Apartment complexes, strip malls and office buildings are a fantastic way to generate revenue and extra income for investors. The key to proper commercial real estate is location, location, location AND quality. Because more companies are choosing to relocate and grow in the Greater Daytona Beach Area, commercial real estate is currently booming.

When purchased at the right time and for the right price, real estate is a great investment for your future! If you have any investment questions, please contact me! I will be happy to help.